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Nagari Nivara Parishad


This is the story of a marathon agitation that was launched in the City of Mumbai in India for getting land from the Government for constructing houses at a cost affordable to the economically weaker section, so that such people may not migrate to slums. This agitation was started in 1981. When it appeared that its peaceful agitation was being ignored, NNP had finally resorted to a week-long Gandhian hunger strike in 1987, and the highest dignitary of the State, the then President of India, Mr. Gyani Zail Singh intervened to persuade the then Chief Minister of Maharashtra to be less adamant in his attitude towards the demand of NNP. This helped in easing the situation. Even then NNP had to wait for another five years to get the possession of the land. The agitation finally ended in 1992 when possession of 62 acres of land demanded by Nagari Nivara Parishad (NNP) was given to it. As the land so secured was undulated, with rocky hills and deep ravines and cut with quarry pits, levelling was necessary, and this proved to be the costliest item of expenditure.

In addition, the infrastructure development which is primarily the duty of the Municipal Authority was thrust on NNP. Due to non-availability of basic infrastructure facilities like sewerage, water connection to all plots ,Nagari Nivara Parishad was forced to undertake a huge financial burden of constructing three septic tanks, a large water reservoir at lower elevation of site and training of four major water courses(NALA). This has meant heavy expenditure for NNP and has upset all calculations regarding the cost of this Project.

Since 1992, after getting the land, NNP earnestly went ahead with the execution of this Housing Project and has constructed and handed over possession of 6152 tenements in residential buildings and 62 tenements and 109 shops in commercial cum residential buildings. The 5,088 two-room tenements have been completed and handed over to the members in phases from April,1999 to May 2005 and 1064 ( 1BHK ) tenements have been handed over from March 2004 to March 2006. The 62 tenements and 109 shops/offices in the shopping cum commercial buildings have been handed over till May 2008. In all 121 residential buildings /clusters, Four commercial cum residential buildings and one convenient shopping centre has been constructed in the Housing Project of Nagari Nivara Parishad. One recreational building (G+1) has been completed in May 2009.

The layout of the Project also provides for Retail Market, , Schools, a Community Welfare Centre, Hospital, and Recreation Ground Plots. . The Trustees have made immense efforts and have over come adverse situations with firmness and solidarity to carry out this exemplary Housing Project born out of a mass agitation.


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