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Nagari Nivara Parishad

Allotment of Land

The Chief Minister, Mr. V.B.Patil knew how the houseless in the city suffered and was sympathetic towards their demand. He assured the Nagari Nivara Parishad that he would make available vacant land for housing its 6000 members.

However he had soon to vacate his office of Chief Minister and Nagari Nivara Parishad was left without its cherished goal, i.e. land for housing. Nagari Nivara Parishad had, therefore, to keep its agitation for land alive by organising demonstrations, processions, meetings, etc. and when these methods failed to bring any result, it adopted the Gandhian method of going on a hungerstrike and resorted to a week-long one in 1987, when the then President of India Mr. Gyani Zail Singh intervened and the Government of Maharashtra conceded the demand of NNP for land. Even then it took another five years and Nagari Nivara Parishad had to fight half a dozen legal battles to get the possession of the land. The land allotted to Nagari Nivara Parishad was without any basic infrastructure i.e. roads, drains, water supply, electricity etc. Moreover it had high rocky hillocks, ravines and deep quarries which made the development difficult and costly.


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