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Nagari Nivara Parishad

Planning of the Project

Nagari Nivara Parishad has acted as 'Central Agency' on behalf of the members to complete this project as per sanction layout.

Criteria for Membership:- As per orders issued by State Govt. in this regard, following conditions are to be fulfilled by a person who wants a tenement under this housing scheme in residential buildings : 15 years' stay in Maharashtra. The person applying and his/her spouse should not own a house in Mumbai Municipal limits i.e. Dahisar to Mulund. Name of each and every member is approved by the Collector, Mumbai Suburban District.

The member who has been given possession of a tenement cannot transfer the same in any way to any other person before expiry of five years and after that the member can transfer the same as per rules in G R. No. LCS/1095/37/95/J-1 dated 9th July 1999 or as per prevailing rules on the day of transfer.

NNP completed the construction of total 6,152 tenements in residential buildings as under viz.5,088 two room tenements (4,432 `A & A1' Type tenements of 349 sq. ft carpet area. 656 'B & B1' type tenements of 208 sq.ft carpet area) and 1064 (1BHK) tenements of 350 sq. ft carpet area. In addition, the 62 tenements as permitted by the Government have been completed in the shopping cum residential buildings are with area between 425 to 625 sft carpet.

NNP has completed and handed over 121 Residential buildings /Clusters, Four shopping cum residential centre buildings, one convenient shopping center and one recreational building in a phased manner as follows: .

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