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Under this phase, 4048 tenements have been constructed. This includes : 3,664 `A1 type' tenements, and 384 `B1 type' tenements. The contract for this entire phase was awarded to the well known firm of contractors Messrs. B. E. Billimoria and Co. Ltd., In view of the urgency in completing this phase of the Project , the suggestion of our Contractors to use the MASCON SYSTEM, a technology developed by a Canadian Company, was accepted by the Trustees on the advice of our Project Managers M/s Shirish Patel & Associates Consultants Pvt. Ltd. (Some of the houses in II phase which are ready)



(Some of the houses in II phase which are ready)

Mascon system employs a new technology of constructing the walls and slabs integrally, assures quality and eliminates requirement of internal and external plaster. For large magnitude construction of identical housing units this system is suitable and fast construction is assured.

Progress of II Phase

Phase II has progressed in the following manner::

Stage I.

Possession of 1104 'A1' type tenements in Zone 5 (Plot 6), 240 'A1' type tenements in Zone 6 (Plot 7), 384 'B1' type tenements in Zone 6 (Plot 8)was given in June 2000


Stage II.

Possession of 784 'A1' type tenements in Zone 1 (Plot 1,2,3 & 4) was progressively given by end of January 2002

Stage III.

Possession of 768 'A1' type tenements in Zone 3S (Plot 5-1) was progressively given till October 2002. Possession of 720 'A1' type tenements in Zone 3N (Plot 5) was progressively given till February 2004. One additional building in Plot 6 with 48 'A1 type' tenements was handed over in May 2005.

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