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Nagari Nivara Parishad

Nivara Vidyalay - Our School

When the possession of 1040 tenements was given to the allottees in April 1999, it was necessary to start a Secondary School at the campus immediately to cater to the educational need of the children of the members who had come to stay in this colony. Accordingly, after getting the necessary permission of the Government, the school 'Nivara Vidyalay' was opened on 14th June,1999.

(Our School - temporarily housed in barracks)

This school is at present, temporarily housed in barracks till its regular building gets ready. This school has classes from pre-primary to 10th standard and the strength of the school, at present, is around 825 students. .


There is one division each for 1 to 7th Standard and there are two divisions for standard 8th to 10th. The secondary school (from 5th to 10th standard) receives 100% salary grant from State Govt.. However, the Government does not give non-salary grant for secondary school. For Primary school there is no grant.

Mrs. Vijaya Asbe

As per layout the following areas have been reserved for following Amenities:

  • Hospital Plot -4897 sqm.
  • Primary school plot 2763 sm.
  • Secondary School plot-1538 sqm
  • Play Ground 2435 sqm
  • Retail Market plot 2106 sqm.
  • Welfare center Plot 1269 sqm.

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